The Mazda6 has been bestowed with our newest innovation: SKYACTIV-VEHICLE DYNAMICS with G-Vectoring Control. This new technology helps achieve a smoother, less fatiguing drive for you and your passengers.

The stylish and impressive Mazda6 Saloon combines exhilarating power, outstanding fuel consumption and advanced safety features delivering a dynamic driving experience.

Making The Impossible Possible

It is this single-minded dedication to outright driving pleasure that gave birth to SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY, the revolution in every single one of the automobile’s fundamental technologies. The New Mazda6 now features a full suite of SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY that has evolved even further.

Thanks to this ongoing evolution, you will notice Mazda6’s immediate and faithful response from the instance you drive it. Consistent refinement and improvement keep SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY advancing, pushing back the frontiers of driving pleasure and helping to realize an enjoyable and sustainable society, achieving outstanding fuel efficiency. This relentless pursuit has earned Mazda the greenest car manufacturer title twice from the highly authoritative United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).


The stunning body styling of the Mazda6 Saloon represents a dynamic evolution of our KODO: Soul of Motion design theme that takes inspiration from the lean, flowing lines and muscular bodies of animals in movement. Bursting with personality, this car looks as powerful as it feels, whilst the full range of our advanced, award-winning SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY delivers extraordinary dynamic driving and handling performance. An evolution of i-ACTIVESENSE advanced safety features offers extra reassurance with every drive. The luxury interior and latest MZD-Connect – our mobile connectivity system, ensures you stay comfortable and connected to work and family at all times.