At a time when Mazda brand seems to have faded out of the Ghanaian market, SYLVA SPARE PLUS Ghana (SSP Ghana) has revived its operations as official and approved dealer in Mazda brand of cars.

In the country, with over 15 years of experience in the automotive industry in Ghana, SSP Ghana has established sales, service and maintenance centers in Accra, Tema, Kumasi and Takoradi.

The Feline is Back celebrates the return of Mazda to Ghana. Re-modeled to match the afropolitan urban lifestyle, Mazda’s Kodo design “Soul of Motion” and Skyactiv Technology makes driving exciting, safer and more durable. It’s a celebration driving with a Mazda.

The challenger spirit runs deep at Mazda. We are not afraid to take risks and to challenge conventional wisdom to make things better. We do this to fulfil one simple goal: create cars that are fun to drive. If you’ve driven a Mazda you already know. If not, get ready for the experience.


A journey toward design perfection.

Throughout its history, Mazda has explored various design themes of motion. KODO Design captures the very instant energy becomes motion. It’s a fusion of functionality and beauty – A unique, distinctive style capturing the movement of living forms and the energy they come with. It’s the muscular beauty you see when an animal pounces or when a human leaps into action.


Mazda’s high performance technology makes driving fun, safe and cost-efficient. The SKYACTIV technology generates more energy for every drop of fuel compared to mass production engines, taking performance beyond the horizon.

SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY is a comprehensive engineering program that has shaped the new generation of Mazda vehicles. SKYACTIV represents significant gains in fuel efficiency and emissions reduction, while keeping the Zoom-Zoom performance that’s in our DNA. A number of years later, we presented to the world a suite of technologies that have come to revolutionize the driving experience forever.


The Mazda car is spirited and intuitive creating a unique link between man and car which makes driving a truly comfortable experience. For example the acceleration is postponed 0.2 seconds to follow brain rhythm and prevent the body from shaking.